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"Comment apprivoiser une peur monstre"

Book for teenager. In French. 

une peur monstre 05.jpg

I wrote this book for teenager. 

I made 15 illustrations on 34 wrtitten on script...

Hope you will see it on bookshop soon :)

As I'm looking for financial help, I will not show it, 

but you can see some pages on the gallery!

"Olivier L'oliver"

Comic. In French.

BD - OLO - page 0.jpg

I wrote and draw this story. It's adapted from

a longer script I wrote. 

Check the story here

"Je ne suis pas moi"

Comic. In French.


I wrote and storyboard this story for a Itaian Fanzine

Jullie Maggi ( wrote it.

Check the story here

"Tu n'es pas seul"

Comic. In French.


I wrote and draw this story I had in mind since a long


I'm working on it on my spare time, so it's not

100% done yet. Coming soon...

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