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Flux is a Pipeline manager, Asset Manager, For Blender 3.6+

It was develop for Rufus Production by Guillaume Geelen and Me (Cedric LeFox)

Easy to use,
Easy to maintain,
Easy to adapt

The goal of Flux is to speed up Animation Production made with Blender.

It's a suite of tools to manage the daily life of artists though a adaptable Pipeline.


Plus, Flux can be adapted easly to any pipeline nomenclature.


Kitsu, Shotgrid,
and local Database

Flux can be connected to Kitsu, to Shotgrid and even to a local database to build you asset and shot list!

Assets Manager

Create, Load, Save as wip, for review or for final publish your asset.

Manage the comment, the status for Kistu/Shotgrid, Manage the versionning.

Manage Proxies.

All what artist need to manage file without opening a file browser


Shot manager

Manage your shot also : versionning, task, comment, load last, review, publish, etc...

All what your animator, lighter, shot artist need to manage the files without opening a file browser.

Scene Composer

Composer your Layout scene with all asset you need

Mass Append

Mass Link

In one clic!


Link Editor

Manage all linked asset in the scene

Manage their visibility, selection, isolation, path, reload, remove, mass action

Manage also their proxies and swich the proxy state on the fly

The link editor is inspired by the reference editor from Maya, but better :)

Sanity Check

Check if the scene is clean for the next pipeline step.

All with a comprehensive API and an easy way for TD's to add checks



Manage all the tool artist need in their daily life.

TDs can add tool easly thanks to a comprehensive API

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