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Puppet soul Is an awesome plug-in

for Autodesk Maya

It's about easly creating realtime rigs,

for any kind of puppets 

(Litteraly anything... biped, quadruped, birds, props,...)

for any kind of production!

It's also about managing animation flow and confort while working (so about time! )'s about rig with a smile! :)

Prodction Manager will love it, Riggers will love it,

Animators will love it too!

Because you can Rig anything, and quickly!

It's efficient, with no limits!

Generated rigs are realtime and user friendly.

It's also design for managing derivated rigs!

(like a movies with 100 birds for instance ;)

And it's already production-proof!

  for Walking The Dog, Feature movie

  for Lumine Studio. TV serie.

More in details :

- A complete Rigging solution : Rigging process divided by 2 up to 10

- Build ANY type of creature. No Limitations, no stuck to a template
- A realTime dynamic system adapted for digital puppets. 
- Easy to use, to learn, for the rigger and the animator

-It's design for massing production. manage huge amount of assets.

Puppet Soul, it's also about animation :

-A real animation Library.

Store and recall/retarget animations and poses. (and selection)
-A complete solution for helping animation : animate 15% faster!

- A complete ToolBox for day-life TD.

Puppet soul was used in this productions :

(Mouse on the image for more details)

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